“It’s always sad when great things come to an end, but we’re going to convert all that sadness into a million joyous moments for these upcoming gigs!”
– Dananananaykroyd 29/09/11

Exciting times lie ahead as tomorrow sees the FIRST show of the LAST EVER Dananananaykroyd tour! After 5 years of tearing up venues, bursting peoples ear drums and releasing two critically acclaimed albums, Dananananaykroyd have decided to go out with a bang and treat the UK to one last blast of their unique, face-melting brand of blistering radge-rock.

Amazingly, they have asked me to join them on their final adventure (YASSS!), which kicks off tomorrow in Bristol, followed by a further 13 dates (details of which can be found on the live page).

In other gig news, I’m delighted to announce Dead Boy Robotics will be playing this years Oxjam Festival at Sneaky Pete’s on Friday 21st October. We’ll be taking the stage at 7:45pm SHARP! Bring all of your hard earned cash and then give it to charity in one big fantastic and admirable gesture.

Finally, Lady North have been confirmed to support Australian scuzz-rockers DZ DEATHRAYS (all capitals, no smalls) on the Glasgow leg of their UK/European tour. It’s at Nice N Sleazy’s on Wednesday 24th October and comes with support from the mighty Salò.

That’s all my news for now. Need to pack my toothbrush.


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