Dextrous Peebz

So Lady North made their King Tits Tut’s debut last Monday night supporting the monstrous United Fruit. I’ve seen them quite a few times now, but seeing/hearing them play in a good, decent room was absolutely incredible.

Ross Watson over at The Skinny was kind enough to write some lovely words about LN’s set and myself, highlighting “some mighty fine, hyper-urgent playing from dextrous drummer Paul Bannon“. Check out the full review here.
Jonathan Geddes from the Herald also wrote a lovely article on the show, noting our “fluid rhythmic time shifts” and “unerring strength”. Read more here.

Paul Napier-Morgan captured some visuals from the show, filming our set opener ‘Carnival’. As the Skinny points out, it’s a bit ‘nervy’, but you get the gist. Thanks Paul for the footage!

I also did a silly little interview/preview thing with Glasgow PodcART, prior to the King Tut’s show here.

The sensational Dolby Anol did a remix for the Dead Boy Robotics single ‘Ever’, which only just found its way onto the internet on the 23rd of this month. I’m mad about this song, especially when it gets to the 2min 11sec mark when Dolby Anol drops a diiirty little 3 over 4 polyrhythm (makes me want to jump up and down with joy every time). Listen to the full remix below (and share it with your pals, they neeeed it).

That’s it for now. So far this week I’ve been working on some recordings for a top secret project (which is coming along rather nicely)… more details on that another time though. If you know anyone who is going to be kicking about Inverness on Friday you should tell them to get along to this… it’s FREE.

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