Last Week // I’ve been super busy over the last week recording with my pals BooHooHoo in an old veterinary school in Edinburgh. We all put in some pretty heavy shifts but the results are truly insane. Biggest drum sound EVER. Bernard Edwards would be very proud, Tony Thompson would be very jealous. Here are a few snaps of me haird at werk…

Press // Vic Galloway wrote an awesome piece for the Sunday Herald detailing the eclectic history of the Edinburgh music scene, including Lady North. I even got my picture published whilst chilling in the National Portrait Gallery with big Kelly’s jugs on my chest.

Reviews // Big thanks to Steve McGillivray for the live review of our Vic Galloway show over at Glasgow PodcART. The guy says I’ve got fast arms! Cheers pal.

Big props to Rob over at Limbo HQ for the live review of the Dead Boy Robotics show back on 20th Jan. Solid?

Other // Tonight is the last night to vote Lady North for best Rock/Alternative act at this years Scottish Alternative Music Awards. You can vote HERE. You can also buy tickets for the award ceremony here. It’s on Thursday, but it’s in Glasgow and we’re no playing. Quite a trek. Should be good though, so if you’re available get down to the Garage. Cheers.

Going through to Glasgow this week to jam with a few friends at Berkley2. More news on that shortly…

The guys over at Gerry Loves made this trippy little .gif of Lady North playing at the Electric Circus last Wednesday… have a peek (only if you’re not epileptic).

Awrrshutup and listen to the hitz…

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