Alarm Bells

Since I last posted I’ve probably been 75% busy and 25% busier. Here’s what I’ve been up to…

Alarm Bells
That thing about Glasgow I mentioned previously… well, it was Alarm Bells. SURPRISE! Me and my ex-Dananananaykroyd bros David Roy, John Baillie Jnr, Ryan McGinness and Ollie Cox have reincarnated, playing “all-or-nothing ADD freak-outs with guitars, pedals, 35 year old synthesisers and mock grandeur”. We played our first show on 19th April 12 at Nice N Sleazy’s supporting none other than Chicago’s finest Maps & Atlases!! (On a personal note, this is my third time supporting Maps & Atlases, each time in a different band. Cheerz).

Our second gig was just the other night at Glasgow Stereo (29th April 12) supporting our good friends United Fruit. We received our first live review over at Fish In The Sub, “I’d catch them now before they start selling out shows in minutes”. Thank you Russell!

Lady North
As always, the Lady Terz have been haird at work. Always. Here are some highlights, ya’naw.

We headlined/closed this years Wide Days 2012 Event/Seminar/Musikal Extravaganza at the Electric Circus on 12th April. Here is audio/visual evidence that we played. Big thank you to Olaf, Joe (soundman extraordinaire) and everyone else involved in the evening. As you can tell from the video, we had an awesome time.

(Kudos to Mullen and Steel for their ultra-sexy hips. So hoat yeah?!)

We were extremely lucky and grateful to have been invited to join our two noisy noise-rawk brothers Bronto Skylift on their recent jaunt around sunny (yes, actually sunny) Scotland the other week. The road trip saw us play Henry’s Cellar Bar Edinburgh 22nd, Madhatter’s Inverness 24th, and Newmarket Bar Thurso 25th May. Dundee was cancelled and I think Mullen joined Bronto onstage on the 28th in Aberdeen. Me and Steel had to come back home and get kicked off the N26 and stuff like that.

Our pal and resident Highlander Houdi again captured some awesome pictures and videos from our return visit to Madhatter’s. Below is a video which contains a BRAND NEW LADY NORTH SONG!!! Skip to 4min 33secs for your WORLD EXCLUSIVE YO!

Huge thanks to Houdi for coming back to check us out and film the shenanigans. He did film some of Bronto’s set, but Niall got over excited and booted the camera haha, so all that exists is their soundcheck. Since returning to Edinburgh I’ve been listening to Italo Calvino everyday, and you should too.

Lady North will be back in Inverness next week (sorry guys!) to play at this goNORTH festival on Thursday 7th June. Hosted by the sensational Detour boys, we’ll be playing Madhatter’s alongside Olympic Swimmers, Darc and Cleavers. The event is FREE and kicks off around 8pm. Start cutting it and make it so.

Dead Boy Robotics are also playing goNORTH on Wednesday 6th June at The Room with our boys The Machine Room. Again, doors are at 8pm and we’ll be on around 9:15pm babes.

If you manage to pick up a copy of this weeks Music Week you’ll receive a FREE goNORTH sampler CD featuring some great new music and the Lady North!! Click here for more details.

and finally…
I have successfully finished my studies at Napier University and will be graduating this month with a 1:1. Then what? For my final project I wrote a book entitled The Math-Rock Formula: The Key Concepts of Math-Rock Drumming. It’s a book about math-rock drumming incase you were unsure. I’d like to say a big thanks to Mike DBR for helping me out with the front cover design and Gregor DBR for helping me out with the CD printing. Here’s the finished artefact.

I’ve also updated the gigs section. Oh, and by the way, have you heard the news?! Bye.

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