Gig Dates

The Flapper, Birmingham w/Alarm Bells (Off The Cuff 2012)
Saturday 28th July 2012

The Room, Inverness w/Dead Boy Robotics (goNORTH)
Wednesday 6th June 2012
Madhatter’s, Inverness w/Lady North (goNORTH)
Thursday 7th June 2012
The Garage, Glasgow w/Alarm Bells (Bloc Party)
Tuesday 19th June 2012
Electric Circus, Edinburgh w/Dead Boy Robotics (Discopolis)
Thursday 21st June 2012

Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh w/Dead Boy Robotics (Funeral Suits)
Thursday 3rd May 2012
13th Note, Glasgow w/Dead Boy Robotics (Edinburgh School For The Deaf)
Saturday 5th May 2012
Henry’s Cellar Bar, Edinburgh w/Lady North (Bronto Skylift)
Tuesday 22nd May 2012
Madhatter’s, Inverness w/Lady North (Bronto Skylift)
Thursday 24th May 2012
Newmarket Bar, Thurso w/Lady North (Bronto Skylift)
Friday 25th May 2012
Stereo, Glasgow w/Alarm Bells (United Fruit)
Monday 28th May 2012

Electric Circus, Edinburgh – 4th Year Final Performance Exam
Wednesday 4th April 2012
Bannermans, Edinburgh w/Lady North (The Gastric Band)
Friday 6th April 2012
Electric Circus, Edinburgh w/Lady North (Wide Days)
Thursday 12th April 2012
Nice N Sleazy’s, Glasgow w/Alarm Bells (Maps & Atlases)
Thursday 19th April 2012
The Art School, Glasgow w/Dead Boy Robotics (Spaced In The City)
Friday 27th April 2012

The Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh w/Dead Boy Robotics (Indian Red Lopez)
Friday 30th March 2012
The Lighthouse, Glasgow w/Dead Boy Robotics (Spaced In The City)
Saturday 31st March 2012

Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh w/Lady North (Sick Note)
2nd February 2012
Electric Circus, Edinburgh w/Lady North (Vic Galloway Presents…)
22nd February 2012

King Tut’s, Glasgow w/Lady North (NY Revolution)
16th January 2012
The Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh w/Dead Boy Robotics (Limbo)
20th January 2012
Madhatters, Inverness w/Dead Boy Robotics & Lady North (Netsounds)
24th January 2012

Banshee Labyrinth, Edinburgh w/Lady North (Gerry Loves Xmas)
2nd December 2011
The Third Door, Edinburgh w/Dead Boy Robotics (Album Launch)
3rd December 2011
Pivo Pivo, Glasgow w/Dead Boy Robotics (Album Launch)
11th December 2011
Captain’s Rest, Glasgow w/Lady North (Glasgow PodcART Xmas)
18th December 2011

Firebug, Leicester w/Dananananaykroyd
1st November 2011
The Haunt, Brighton w/Dananananaykroyd
3rd November 2011
KCLSU, London w/Dananananaykroyd
4th November 2011
Undertone, Cardiff w/Dananananaykroyd
5th November 2011
Sugarmill, Stoke w/Dananananaykroyd
6th November 2011
Wedgewood, Portsmouth w/Dananananaykroyd
7th November 2011
Cavern, Exeter w/Dananananaykroyd
8th November 2011
Bullingdon, Oxford w/Dananananaykroyd
10th November 2011
Fibbers, York w/Dananananaykroyd
11th November 2011
Cluny, Newcastle w/Dananananaykroyd
12th November 2011
Sneaky Pete’s w/Lady North
16th November 2011
Stereo, Glasgow w/Dead Boy Robotics
18th November 2011
Proud, London w/Dead Boy Robotics
24th November 2011

Thekla, Bristol w/Dananananaykroyd
12th October 2011
Brainwash Festival, Leeds w/Dananananaykroyd
14th October 2011
Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh w/Dead Boy Robotics
21st October 2011
Nice N Sleazy, Glasgow w/Lady North
26th October 2011
o2 ABC, Glasgow w/Dananananaykroyd
29th October 2011
Deaf Institute, Manchester w/Dananananaykroyd
31st October 2011

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