Paul Bannon’s hexagonal drum patterns lie at the heart of Lady North’s animalistic sound
Scotsman Radar

Dead Boy Robotics boast the presence of Paul Bannon on drums, the powerhouse behind Lady North, and also part of Dupec
Tidal Wave of Indifference

Lady North – New Songs 8th August 2011

Pinky Suavo – Go For The Gills EP 12th May 2011

Dupec – MMIX 18th March 2010

Dupec – Brown Owl Knows Best 18th March 2010

Mighty fine, hyper-urgent playing from dextrous drummer Paul Bannon
The Skinny

“Edinburgh Paul” Bannon receives due plaudits from the crowd. They recognise his achievement as the unimaginable: coming out of nowhere and furiously tattooing his kit with complex song-leading rhythms; a triumphant feat alone, save conducting his lunatic bandmates
Hold Your Horses

Dead Boy Robotics – Gatherer On The Threshold 31st October 2011

Dead Boy Robotics – Ever 23rd May 2011

Midas Fall – Movie Screens 19th April 2010

Midas Fall – Nautical Song 19th April 2010

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